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Smitten with Smitten Kitchen

I have fallen for the food blog Smitten Kitchen. Sure, I am late in the game. By the time I took a good look at Smitten Kitchen, it’s creator Deb Perelman already had a book deal. Regardless, I find myself returning to the site over and over when I am looking for a little inspiration. […]

Good Tweets: Man Repeller

I like Man Repeller’s Tweets.  The voice is consistent, strong and a little snarky.  Perfect for a post-lunch slump.

Want a little inspiration with your morning coffee?

Do you know about the free, monthly breakfast series for us artistic types called Creative Mornings?  And did you know there are 40+ chapters of this fabulous lecture series going on in cities as diverse as Budapest, Cape Town and Seattle?  In 2013, each city will take on a similar theme for the month.  In January […]

Improv Tips for Copywriters

In her best-selling memoir Bossy Pants, Tina Fey devotes an entire chapter to the “Rules of Improvisation That Will Change Your Life and Reduce Belly Fat.” There is a reason for her praise (which has nothing to do with weight control)—Fey credits much of her success in TV her ability to improvise; to listen and build ideas with […]

What Would David Geffen Do?

Watching the unfortunately titled (I’ll get to why in a minute) Inventing David Geffen on PBS, I was struck by what an amazing trendsetter Geffen was.  He had an unflinching talent to read and then create cultural moments.  First with music, then with film. Think about it.  Geffen was responsible for the success Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, CCSN, Jackson Brown […]

Website Copy Case Study: Who Wants to Be a PBS Insider?

Look what I found at  This is an example of Web site copy that serves neither its brand nor its purpose.  It is, in fact, bad copy.  Not because it is poorly written, but because it doesn’t understand the user. First of all, the message “Become a PBS Insider” is off-brand for the public […]

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