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Jean Railla’s…which went online in 1997, is largely credited with inspiring the movement that turned “handmade” into bohemian chic, and propelling a formerly fusty hobby into a $30 billion business. — New York Times

Get Crafty HomepageI launched the first hip crafting site Get Crafty: Making Art Out of Everyday Life.  Then I wrote a book based on the site called Get Crafty: Hip Home Ec that was published by Random House in 2004.

While promoting the book, I met Rob Kalin and consulted on the launch of


5 Nights Out | Producer & Director

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In my youth, I self-financed, produced and directed 5 Nights Out, a documentary featuring the musician Beck before he was Beck, along with several other bands and artists that were part of my scene.  Heavily influenced by ‘zine culture, the movie was shot like a diary.  I’m not sure if anyone would have cared about this gender-bending, cinema-verite romp through LA’s indie music scene without Beck—but his song “Loser” had become a huge hit just as we finished editing the film. 5 Nights Out garnered national attention, played film festivals, screened in several cities and sections of the film were shown on MTV.

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