I have been producing, directing and editing documentary and music videos for twenty years.

We’re All Happy — Documentary Series (in production)
Co-Producer/Co-Director with Jonathon Stearns

We’re All Happy is a documentary series about the Indie Rock Revolution and its lasting influence on fashion, journalism, graphic design, tattoos , illustration, the internet and advertising. 


“Jean Railla gives us a look at what’s it’s like to be one of the hip young denizens of the local music scene, packing us along as she attends various house parties, where people like Beck are just plain folk hanging out.“—PDX, 1993

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5 NIGHTS OUT is a forty-seven minute documentary set in the early 90’s Silverlake, Los Angeles music scene. Heavily influenced by ‘zine culture and shot as a video diary, the film follows twenty-three-year-old Jean Railla over the course of five nights as she drinks at dive bars, sees live shows at tiny venues and attends house parties.  Live performances by Beck, Possum Dixon, and Ethyl Meatplow are punctuated with interviews with musicians and poets.  Released in 1993, it offers an authentic account of what it was like to be young, bohemian and occasionally gender-bending in the City of Quartz.


Possum Dixon “Radio Comets”

Lutekisk “Doctrine”

Geraldine Fibbers “Dragon Lady”


Luscious Jackson “Deep Shag”