As a copywriter and  strategist, I’ve had the privilege of working on some pretty amazing projects.

La Mer | Copywriter

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Spoilit | Brand & Social Strategy

Spoilit is an exciting new app that allows TV fans to chat about entertainment while it is happening (hopefully launching Spring 2016).  My team and I provided qualitative research, developed audiences personas and full brand brief, and finally developed a social strategy.  Oh, and we came up with the tagline:  Are You Fan Enough?


My Black America | Instagram Campaign

Working with Amanda Darragh, we developed the social strategy for a new lifestyle brand My Black America.  My Black America documents a stylish, proud, loving American family living in Brooklyn, NY.

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R/GA | Walmart Digital Campaigns | Associate Creative Director 

When R/GA wanted a deeper understanding of how women create meaning around food and family for their client Walmart, they brought me in as an associate creative director.

With my knowledge women’s culture, I was able to help create digital tools and social media for Walmart’s demographic.  I worked on several campaigns including the My Holiday iPhone app and the Baking Holiday Gifts for Under $5 YouTube video campaign.

During my many years freelancing for R/GA, I’ve worked on several award-winning projects including and  Client list also includes Pfizer, IBM, Johnson & Johnson and S.C Johnson.

Etsy | Strategy

In 2005 I consulted on the launch of  Several aspects of the online marketplace were a result of my thinking—including the way the homepage features “handpicked items” so that the site feels curated and personal.








In order to showcase the intimate and authentic aspects of the brand, I suggested that sellers be highlighted throughout the site with both photos and bios.

Frank First Mobile Design Agency | Brand Strategy

As a brand strategist for Frank First, a women-run mobile design agency, I was tasked with the job of helping the principals tell their story—and then translating that story into copy for their web site.

Initially, I conducted brainstorming sessions to help them articulate their vision.  How could they position themselves as thoughtful, intuitive designers in a competitive landscape? After discovering that many similar agencies all used the same (not very good) jargon, we decided on a bold approach with language that was direct.  In this way Frank First was able to communicate their human-centered design approach, without ever having to say “human-centered design.”