What People Say

“Jean Railla’s getcrafty.com, which went online in 1997, is largely credited with inspiring the movement that turned “handmade” into bohemian chic, and propelling a formerly fusty hobby into a $30 billion business.”  New York Times

“Jean Railla’s getcrafty.com—the “home of the craftistas”—was the first website to bring together the new generation of crafters. And as William Morris had for the Arts and Crafts revival of the late 19th century, Railla, more than anyone, articulated its philosophy. Her 2004 manifesto, the book Get Crafty: Hip Home Ec, set forth the tenets of the New Domesticity.”  Los Angleles Times

We’ve often turned to Jean as a thoughtful interpreter of high and low brow cultural phenomena. She has humor, insight and a lack of pretension rare in those so finely attuned to the next big thing. Jean has a generous way of including her audience while also making them feel privy to ideas, movements, and ways of seeing that most of us are unlikely to stumble upon on our own.”  Virginia Prescott, Host, Word of Mouth National Public Radio show and podcast

Jean creates brilliant branding from concept to copy. Given her vast experience and finger on the pulse of cultural and digital trends, she produces results with insight and ease.”  Sandy Fershee, principal, Frank First Design Agency, and User Experience Strategy & Design Consultant

“Jean believes in her students and has built an inviting, friendly atmosphere. No matter what level you enter her course at, you will leave a stronger brand analyst, social media marketer, and web copywriter. Guaranteed. “– Thomas Francis, student

“I recommend Jean highly for any project that requires thoughtful strategy combined with inspired creativity, a deep understanding of cultural trends, and the ability to prompt user engagement. In a nutshell: she’s amazing!” Kim Taylor, Founder of The Copy Lab

Jean Railla has an uncanny knack for spotting trends long before they go mainstream, not only because she’s a savvy culture maven (which she is), but because her own actions are guided by firm convictions. I admire her as a deep thinker, an engaging writer, and as an idealist who lives out her values.”  Josh Glenn, editor, The Boston Globe, editor/author of several books including Significant Objects, and a semiotician  

“Jean is awesome! Her extensive experience, combined with her quest to master what’s new in web, advertising, and interactive, allows you to gain a solid understanding of copywriting. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher!”  Claire Zahm, student, MediaBistro



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