You Heard Correctly. Feminist Boot Camp.

Radio is one my passions.  I love how intimate it is to listen—and how the absence of images allows for a different kind of storytelling.  So when I was thinking about my New Year’s Resolutions this year, I placed pitching more radio segments at the top of my list.

Witness this segment on Feminist Boot Camp for public radio’s Word of Mouth.

Listen to the segment.

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How to Approach a Fundraising Campaign: Make it fun.

I recently worked on a fundraising campaign for my children’s school, PS3 in NYC’s West Village.  The creative team had one week to come up with a series of posters for The 3Fund, our annual fundraising effort which significantly supplements the school’s budget and allows for a rich arts-based education.   Due to time constraints, photography was not an option.

The result?  Text-based posters that playfully called out the very items the 3Fund pays for—and touched upon the community aspect of the PS3’s educational philosophy. The posters, placed throughout the school, helped raise money, and had the added bonus of increased parent involvement—from volunteering at lunch to school leadership positions.

Funny how much I love the pro-bono work that I take on.

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