Hello there.

My name is Jean Railla.  I am a writer, creative director, and a part-time professor in the Department of Media, Culture and Communications at NYU Steinhardt.  

A pioneer of online storytelling, I created the popular modern crafting site Get Crafty, and then helped start etsy.  I was also the writer behind Nike’s award-winning  NIKEgooddess.com. 

Over my twenty-plus year career, I have worked with start-ups, Fortune 500’s, nonprofits, activist groups, artists, actors and solo entrepreneurs. From beauty and luxury brands such as La Mer and Jo Malone, to creating a recipe and cooking app for Walmart, I have created persuasive stories for a variety of audiences, both national and international.

My commercial work supports my career as a writer, public radio producer and filmmaker.  I am grateful for all of it.


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