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What do you do Jean Railla?

I help organizations tell better stories across print, web and social platforms. I conduct qualitative research, develop case studies and build content strategies. I consider context, platform and engagement while maintaining an overall cohesive brand narrative. I lead brainstorms, spearhead trainings and consult on brand strategy.

And sometimes I simply write copy.

My official title is Strategist/Senior Copywriter and in this capacity I have worked with luxury brands (La Mer), apparel (NIKE), start-ups (Spoilit),  and non-profits (Center for Artistic Activism).

A few of my favorite projects:

  • I concepted, launched and ran the indie website Get Crafty, the first hip/feminist crafting forum and online magazine.  I then went onto to author Get Crafty: Hip Home Ec (Broadway Books).
  • To relaunch Get Crafty, I hired an NYU student Rob Kalin, and then helped him concept and strategize a little handcrafted marketplace you might have heard of called Etsy.
  • I was the writer behind the award-winning NIKEGoddess web site while at R/GA and was consistently inspired by the athletes I interviewed.
  • Directed and produced a documentary about my life in the LA music scene called “5 Nights Out.”
  • Currently working with the luxury brand La Mer on all sorts of print, digital and social campaigns.  (My evening beauty routine is now 6 steps.)

See examples of my work here and here.